A new home, our Interprog construction site

Thanks for visiting us. You can have a look around, Interprog is currently working to build a nice house for our domain. Or a nice web site for our business if you prefer. Please come back from time to time, sciences and technologies are always in motion, it’s going forward real fast and it’s only the beginning.

Feel free to register, take a look at the blog and write us about anything, doors are never locked for our friends.

Unlike Facebook, Google and Linkedin our business isn’t about using your e-mail, your personal information or your time to make money. This is one of our fundamental value since our fondation in year 2000, professional privacy isn’t only required for doctors. As IT experts we obey to a strict ethical code. Sensitives datas will always be processed offline. Our hard drives are encrypted properly. We have backup in fireproof vaults. Digital datas can live forever, we take great care of them. 

Let’s go back to work now !!

Still with quality as our priority Interprog will soon open their door with a new entity, simply:

Interprog Inc.


End of Year Archiving

It depends on how much space there’s left or how much bad stuff is on the memory device, the end of year archiving must be kept in mind….or not ! End of year archiving Will it compile and run properly ? Sure…..if not, call us !! Best wishes for 2018 !! Interprog Inc.