Bowvember let’s fight with style

Bowvember Interprog Exceldor
Bowvember Interprog Exceldor

Bowvember let’s fight with style” sure sounds good !

Hopefully we can get the translation feature up and running soon, as this one should be in french. But still…better now in English only then later for both. Especially since “Bowvember let’s fight with style” sounds great.

This is just a quick post to let you know that Interprog has decided to give a small amount of money to a GREAT cause, the fight against prostate cancer.

This year instead of growing silly mustaches we’re actually gonna wear classy bow-ties. Movember has become Bowvember. We like the catchphrase that goes with it: “Bowvember let’s fight with style“.

We’re awaiting our own bow-ties and we will try to use them as much as we can, either to look silly or classy. Regardless, the more people are talking about it the better.

We heard of it because of one of our customer’s coworkers, Marc Thibeault. He took the initiative to be an ambassador and start a campaign to spread the word around.

Interprog is very proud to support Marc, the cause and is also proud to work for that great customer right now, Exceldor, which has also donated a substantial amount.

Interprog thinks it’s important to give back to the community and we also believe it’s extremely important to support great local businesses such as Exceldor.

So I invite you guys to do the same and join us by following this link and making a donation :

You should see Marc’s name and then work from there. We advise to not only buy the bow-tie. Unless you want to use it to promote the cause, WE WILL. You can do like us and buy the bow-tie and give a little more for the cause as well.

If you want to just give something on your own without being associated with the great campaign you are free to reach the official website as well.

Together, we can fight with style and we can win that fight !!

Jacques Langlois on behalf of Interprog

Donate generously to the cause, that matters. If you wanna help my company, it’s just a few clicks that matters. Small icons at the bottoms. Company FB and LinkedIn page to follow, those clicks worth a lot. Philanthropy should’ve been mentioned in our early roadmap web site post.