Fiscal year closure

Hi everyone,

It seems that winter is now here and that 2017 is coming to an end.

At Interprog we’ll have to focus on closing the fiscal year as soon as possible and move to the new entity Interprog Inc.

Its alive and waiting for actions it seems !!

Meanwhile, if there’s anything we can help with, you probably know where to find us already !!

We’ll be back to make some noise in here early next year !!

All the best !



Handle with care: The last mile delivery

A raining saturday of late november….we’ve seen better. But raining or not, Interprog had a very important task to do today. What do you guys notice in this picture ? A new red car ? Some heavy carton box ? What’s in there ? Well, there’s no time for explanation right now. What is important is the orange sticker. Handle with care, it’s heavy. It’s actually a very very actual real world challenge right now. The last mile delivery from the supplier to the end customer.

Handle with care: The Last mile delivery


Last mile delivery
Last mile delivery

Will write about it later probably. Right now I need the keyboard for something more important like managing the treasure that is expected to be found when I’ll open that box !!

Have a nice day !

Jacques Langlois

Freight & Logistics Director, Interprog


Another day at the Office

Friday !! Weeee

Another day at the office
Another day at the office

So if understand correctly what I need is to either make a non-XP talking machine for my sister or maybe re-program my new car. Reading those 103 pages that sounds familiar….some labels and junk devices 😉

Sick Microsoft credentials are incoming I’m  affraid !

Sounds like a plan !

Jacques Langlois