Work Smarter Using Software Automation

Back in July I promised something about something called “high level software automation”….

Well, it took some time but here we are.

This is something I made myself just for fun and I think that I have a name for that special technique I’ve been using for almost 20 years now.

Software Automation

Since an image speaks a thousand words, a video worth probably a lot of words therefore why not just take a quick look on that strange screen that plays 3 differents wizards at once.

There’s a very thin line between good and evil. A good hacker is probably a good programmer. People often think that winners are cheaters. Working smart and be efficient allow one individual to actually be lazy. The best problem solvers are usually very lazy !!

Here we think it’s a great example of just playing a game using a smarter approach. Licenses were paid. A very decent programmer worked a lot of hours to make this happen. The program was never shared or sold to anybody. I still have the code, sometimes I’m using it to copy-paste into another similar program.

Actually those Diablo 3 characters and the items they found were given away shortly after to some friends. It was all about a personal challenge and to show off the power of thinking out of the box.

Software automation is often a very good solution to a problem and it’s very very rare that someone actually think about using it.

Software automation….it’s just a simple program that can “see” the screen and then move the mouse and use the keyboard. Here we have actually 1 computer running 3 different virtual machines which themselves play Diablo 3.

It was made in 2013 and the text you are reading right now is being typed on the exact same machine. Even the Windows license is the same, that Windows 7 Pro OEM could be installed on 255 systems and it upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. That was a good deal from my Microsoft friends actually.

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