Ahead of time since year 2000….and no plan on slowing down


Ahead of Time Since Year 2000

A name, a logo, some branding and some sentence that ends up being part of the trademarks. It’s part of the challenge for every startup. “Ahead of time since year 2000” sounds good, let’s stick to that one.

We’ll have some details about some projects soon enough…We just need a bit of time to do everything right because computer science, it’s a serious business.

Meanwhile, over the years you probably heard us praising Microsoft….we’ve been partner with them since year 2000 and it’s a pretty healthy relationship. Some offers regarding this will come soon.



We’ve also been active with the blockchain technologies, beginning in 2011 with the now famous Bitcoin.

Back in May 2017 we were rushing a special consulting service for both Bitcoin and one that we believed had greater long term potential, Ethereum.

It seems that Azure is up there too, aiming for complete domination of the cloud computing business, Microsoft at it’s best.

We may be ahead of technologies more often than not….but Microsoft sure know how to properly value the skills of an individual  based on his programming skills.

A pure genious looking for a bright future ! Please read ahead while waiting for our littles projects to come to life !







Ahead of time since year 2000, we’re there. Bill Gates and Microsoft were there before and are now the locomotive of this industry. Who knows if that Mr Buterin will still be promoting his genius ideas all over the world in 2040…he sure have the skills and work ethic.

Meanwhile, we’re busy as hell. One of the task is actually to make 100x cold wallet paperwork inspired directly by this article https://interprog.com/learn-something-new/.


People now are looking for the modern Klondike rush, bitcoins. It’s good….but what if that one has more growth potential, much more ?? It would be better, much better.

Ahead of time since year 2000, 2011, 2015 or 2018….it doesn’t matter. We must think smart. Like Jack Ma told us recently.



Maybe the next big idea will come from around here, who know ?


Enjoy the show !

The Interprog Inc. team

End of Year Archiving

It depends on how much space there’s left or how much bad stuff is on the memory device, the end of year archiving must be kept in mind….or not !

End of year archiving


Will it compile and run properly ? Sure…..if not, call us !!

Best wishes for 2018 !!

Interprog Inc.

Handle with care: The last mile delivery

A raining saturday of late november….we’ve seen better. But raining or not, Interprog had a very important task to do today. What do you guys notice in this picture ? A new red car ? Some heavy carton box ? What’s in there ? Well, there’s no time for explanation right now. What is important is the orange sticker. Handle with care, it’s heavy. It’s actually a very very actual real world challenge right now. The last mile delivery from the supplier to the end customer.

Handle with care: The Last mile delivery


Last mile delivery
Last mile delivery

Will write about it later probably. Right now I need the keyboard for something more important like managing the treasure that is expected to be found when I’ll open that box !!

Have a nice day !

Jacques Langlois

Freight & Logistics Director, Interprog