Ahead of time since year 2000….and no plan on slowing down


Ahead of Time Since Year 2000

A name, a logo, some branding and some sentence that ends up being part of the trademarks. It’s part of the challenge for every startup. “Ahead of time since year 2000” sounds good, let’s stick to that one.

We’ll have some details about some projects soon enough…We just need a bit of time to do everything right because computer science, it’s a serious business.

Meanwhile, over the years you probably heard us praising Microsoft….we’ve been partner with them since year 2000 and it’s a pretty healthy relationship. Some offers regarding this will come soon.



We’ve also been active with the blockchain technologies, beginning in 2011 with the now famous Bitcoin.

Back in May 2017 we were rushing a special consulting service for both Bitcoin and one that we believed had greater long term potential, Ethereum.

It seems that Azure is up there too, aiming for complete domination of the cloud computing business, Microsoft at it’s best.

We may be ahead of technologies more often than not….but Microsoft sure know how to properly value the skills of an individual  based on his programming skills.

A pure genious looking for a bright future ! Please read ahead while waiting for our littles projects to come to life !







Ahead of time since year 2000, we’re there. Bill Gates and Microsoft were there before and are now the locomotive of this industry. Who knows if that Mr Buterin will still be promoting his genius ideas all over the world in 2040…he sure have the skills and work ethic.

Meanwhile, we’re busy as hell. One of the task is actually to make 100x cold wallet paperwork inspired directly by this article https://interprog.com/learn-something-new/.


People now are looking for the modern Klondike rush, bitcoins. It’s good….but what if that one has more growth potential, much more ?? It would be better, much better.

Ahead of time since year 2000, 2011, 2015 or 2018….it doesn’t matter. We must think smart. Like Jack Ma told us recently.



Maybe the next big idea will come from around here, who know ?


Enjoy the show !

The Interprog Inc. team

Learn something new & a challenge with a reward


Yes, we’re back talking about cryptocurrencies. We have to learn something new !!

Since the business is pretty much all set to operate with name Interprog Inc. We can now begins to think a bit more about some projects we have in mind. That mean that we have to learn something new !

New projects ? Really ?

Yes, one of them is actually based on some “bitcoin” alternatives we’ve discovered and promoted back in June 2017….with absolutely no interest from anybody. That’s normal, Bitcoin, Ether or any other cryptocurrency…..it’s not for everybody.

Sometimes we need some computer science professionals !

It requires professionals to handle this and people in general should seek advices from those professionals. This is not different than anything else. I could very well fix my car myself, but a mechanic would do a better job in much much less time !!

Nothing new for us really as you can see there : Interprog-Linkedin-Forecast

So back in June we were advocating how Ethereum was a kind of “Bitcoin 2.0”. Miles ahead of Bitcoin regarding technology. We know what we are talking about, we were there in 2011 and we kept up over the years.

Well, nobody believed in our advice but we did. Now we’re looking at à 300% return on our investment back in June. Not bad and it’s only the beginning.

We still think there’s a LOT of room for growth with those guys. Bitcoin too, but much less room and at the current 20000$ price, it’s a bit out of reach.

So, yesterday we worked a bit to learn how to program some basic logic using the Ethereum blockchain technology with a language call Solidity. We’ll probably explain a lot more about what we have in mind in the future but for now I’ll just leave you with a funny display of what it looks like…and what can it does beside “hold a value”, which is what Bitcoin can do and not much else actually.

Code a CryptoZombie

A project we have in mind for us also carry a reward system for users that are involved with Interprog Inc. Could range from investments, promotions, find customers, use our services, help with translation, donate broken electronics that we can actually fix for a profit, etc.

We’re currently working on this reward platform to be online on this website soon.

But for now we can still keep track of this manually and we’ll credited accordingly when ready. More digest information will come soon. But you can monitor our funds and various programs tests right there https://etherscan.io/.

If you need help to buy or sell cryptocurrencies or you simply want some professional advices regarding this subject, don’t hesitate to reach us at the info found at the bottom of the website. We’ll be glad to help, we’re pro !! And it’s our pleasure to see people that learn something new.

But let’s make this a bit more funny so you guys can get some of this “funny money” for free.

A challenge, Inteprog Inc. style !!

The first person to complete the challenge will receive a prize worth a bit more than 10 CAN$  ( it follow the market price found on https://www.quadrigacx.com/). If you get it and prefer a real 10$, we will mail you either a check , Paypal or interac transfer at your convenience !

Step #1 – First of all, complete level 1 of the little game Code a CryptoZombie!!

Step #2 – You have to obtain your prize !

To claim your token just reach us with your account name in here. If you don’t have any, you can create one in 5 seconds there https://interprog.com/register. We’ll give a password to the first person to complete the quest properly and post his zombie proof in the comment section. But it’s not done yet !!

All this is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology and the reward are  “binded” to some Ether accordingly, meaning that the money is actually frozen and available at all time.

Either with our “Interprog Token” or with real Ether you’ll get some “cryptographic key” to access them at your convenience.

Looks like this :

Ethereum wallet - Learn something new
Ethereum wallet

Another option is the actual keystore to use with the real wallet : Keystore

You can get the real wallet at https://ethereum.org/

An online alternative is easier but the problem is that the website operator is often unknown. Consequently there’s always a possibility that they have a security issue and therefore you can lose everthing. A good one is https://www.myetherwallet.com/.

Good luck making that Zombie and earning your prize !!!

Oh, yes…claiming the prize. Well, you have the keys above. You can see yourself that the money is there: etherscan.io

Help yourself !! Learn something new. The first to grab it can keep it !!

If there’s anything, just ask us or add a comment to this article.

Jacques Langlois
Information Technology Specialist, Interprog Inc.

A word about security

Hi everyone,

We’ve been running this website since April 2017 without any kind of incomes being generated. This is not gonna change. But here’s what we believe our visitors should be aware.

1- The website is has secure as it can get. Just make sure that you are really at https://interprog.com/ and that you have the EV SSL displayed. Depending on the device or browser but it’s usually a green padlock. On the Edge browser it shows that we really are what we’re supposed to be.

Differences between no SSL, regular SSL and EV SSL are pretty simples.


Connection isn’t secure at all. Anyone that can “see” the data between you and the website can know what you’re doing, steal your password, know what you do, whatever you write, everything. This is still fine for a generic site where you just read information.

Regular SSL

This is now pretty much the only thing we see everywhere, that’s good. The industry put a lot of pressure to every website owner to install proper SSL certificates. That means that the connection between you and the server is safe. That doens’t mean that the site doesn’t do something bad with your information. It’s really easy for anyone to get a regular SSL certificate so don’t simply feel safe because you see a little padlock.


Just like we have here. This is just like the regular SSL one BUT to obtain this there’s a lot of validation. We have to prove who we are, where we are, that we are qualified to manage a the domain name, etc. This is basically proving that not only the connection is secure but that you are totally connected to the site you think you are and the company behind it is the company you are expecting to see. Here’s it’s Interprog. The certificate will show Interprog Inc. soon enough.

For those who are a bit suspicious there’s tools to analyse this such as this one:


You can also see who’s behing a webiste. Depending on the top level domain ( .com, .ca, .org ) you’ll get different information. More often than not people are hiding their identity.



For .CA : https://whois.cira.ca/public you can try interprog.ca

2- Since the beginning there’s quite a few people who registered an account on here. We’re not using the email and in fact the “lost password” feature is currently broken because we can’t send any email. That will probably change at some point as we will gradually implement some serious services in here and our users emails will be used for important communication.

3- For now we’re still using this server/website as a test platform for various project. You may soon see some Microsoft publicity for example as we are now partners with them and therefore we are allowed to promote, sell and support their products.

4- Right now we’ve just installed a temporary feature simply to test how it behave. Simply by being on the website and browsing you are currently “mining” some cryptocurrency. It looks pretty energy efficient, probably less than a bunch of publicity everywhere actually. We don’t expect any kind of income with this but whatever is generated will be given back to our users with some promotion.

Here’s how much interprog.com earned so far : https://api.jsecoin.com/

You can also do it for yourself by registering on their website.


Please let us know if you think it’s actually slowing down your computer or if it have any other side effect.

If you mine some of your own and you don’t know that to do with the “coin” you can send them to us at support@interprog.com

They are supposed to be worth 1$ each at some point but that remains to be seen.

Jacques Langlois

Interprog Inc.