Translation analytics….to prove that truth behind the theory

A few months ago a friend reached me and said something that sounded like : “Veux-tu ben écrire en Français criss”….which ‘roughly’ translate to “Would you be kind enough to write in French please”. ‘Roughly’ leaning more on the rough side of the definition here. Translation analytics came to mind immediately.

It’s not much better today but at the time the site had like 2 articles and the very second one was especially written to  deal with this awkward situation.

The language dilemma

Most probably noticed already, I’m not a native English speaker, far from it. But writting in English is barely more brain work than in French and I figured that almost all my friends and therefore audience at least understand basic English but the opposite isn’t true at all, I do have quite a few friends which also have English as their second language but German as their first !!

The reflexion

Still, despite all the noise on FB and Linkedin, I could see that a decent amount of people was coming to see that almost empty website out of curiosity. Well, the first comment, even if it was a negative critics, it’s good !! For such a time commitment it was very much welcome to say the least. So I thanked the guy, which is also responsible for the business fondation in year 2000 because HE believed in my young hands enough to give me a programing contract back then. I briefly explained that the website he’s looking was a tiny tip of iceberg of work and money required to simply have it showing at the url. Yeah yeah, now it required https….but you can click anyway. The missing S will be forced into your throat very smoothly, for your own goods obviously.

And then came the work toward that goal

But still, yeah I had a post listing about 8 things that we wanted to do short term with the website and one of them was translation. Roughly 3-4 points is done but translation isn’t as easy as it looks. Mostly because we don’t want to mess up completely the search engines algorithms and it’s very time consuming to do properly.

Translation analytics to justify the cash and time commitment

Orginally that little small talk with my friend was a bit like just guessing numbers about the visitors. There was a few, didn’t know much more about it. Probably just word of mouth and people that hearing myself talking about it on FB and Linkedin. So just like a good business intelligence specialist would do, I made sure to have all kind of analytics available to me ( Google, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin ) and I decided to do commit a bit of marketing money on a very targeted narrow audience on our Facebook page. Now I won’t add a little “follow us” graphic here but if you didn’t already then you should. That will save 1.08$ to your favorite startup business !! Not bad for a single click !! Linkedin is even better, probably a 20$ click there. And there’s Google and now Youtube…Jesus.

Translation analytics

With that small investment in marketing, a lot of work on improving the Google/Bing ranking, getting the SSL EV certification, optimizing the SEO among other things. We now have a bit of a sample of data to analyse.

As expected, since the audience come from Facebook which allow to target precisely who will be our visitors. It was pretty much the average metrics we can expect from the western part of the Quebec region.

Early translation analytics
Early translation analytics


Early analytics about origin of our trafic
Early analytics about origin of our trafic

As you can see yourself with the translation analytics. The audience may be coming from around here in Quebec, Canada. Most of it prefer an English website.

But regardless, we still want our neighbors business and we’re working on it. WMPL was purchased and installed now and we’re working on translating everything in here. It will show up soon enough !!

Have a nice day my friends ! // Bonne journée mes amis !


Jacques Langlois

Fast and furious typewriter, Interprog


Taking care of business !!

As promised, this company and this website is no joke. The provincial “individual enterprise” will become a country-wide corporation named :

Interprog inc.

That pretty much complete the process of actually launch some reals projects. Interprog can now grow as much as we want without being stopped by anything like the business structure.

To make accounting easier the actual Interprog entity should cease their operation at the end of 2017, Interprog inc. won’t do anything in 2017.

At the beginning of 2018 Interprog inc. will get ownership of everything which was built/acquired by Interprog.

Rough roadmap for Interprog Inc. has already begun. Quite a few things will need to be done in parallel. A website design will be drawn soon. A website will be programmed. Hardware infrastructure will be improved. A lot of paperwork and accounting needs to be done.

It will go as fast as possible but we’re limited by my own availability as a lot of stuff needs to be done by myself and I’m working out of the office for 10 hours / day for a 1 year contract. Cashflow will also slow down the project since we’re basically using what left from the income from the analyst-programmer contract to pay for everything needed for the project, designer labor, front-end programmer, hardware, licences, marketing, etc.

That being said…everything is pretty much planned already. Designer and front-end programmer are found. The first full time employee as well.

Stay tuned  !!

Jacques Langlois
Owner, Interprog, Canada
Soon to be, Director of the board and majority shareholder of Interprog inc.



Better safe than sorry

Hi everyone,

I know I know….there’s nothing in here…yet. But now, it’s a very secure website which should always show the padlock with the company name in your browser !! SSL SSL

That was an important step before even starting to build a website. Soon enough !!

Meanwhile we’re trying to register a federal corporation, Interprog Inc.

Why all those paperworks and work if we don’t sell anything you’re asking ??

#1 reason is just to learn and handle every aspect of the business. It takes some time. Once ready, if we want to grow, we will….if not, we’ll just be happy of the knowledge we acquired.

Stay tuned !!



Web site roadmap ? What’s on the menu ?

Web site roadmap ? What’s on the menu ? Où est-ce qu’on s’en va ?

1- Translation/traduction !!

Web site roadmap…. yes. But guys, please let me talk to my french friends for a bit…I’ll be back to you in a few sentences !

Oui, nous sommes au Québec et la vie de tous les jours se passe en français. Interprog n’est pas fermé à faire des affaires avec qui que ce soit, surtout pas le voisinage !!

Quoi qu’il en soit l’anglais est généralement compris par la plupart des internautes et il est donc logique d’écrire en premier en anglais. Ça ne va pas changer. Lorsque c’est possible nous allons intégrer les 2 langues. Facebook est un bon exemple, on peut maintenant écrire des statuts en plusieurs langues…mais sur un PC et une page personelle seulement. C’est un début.

Nous serons heureux de faire la traduction de quelque chose que vous ne comprenez pas. Nous sommes aussi ouvert à vos commentaires….l’anglais vous dérange ? Pas vraiment ? Vous le préférez ? Dites-le !! Bon…je retourne jaser avec les anglos….à plus tard !!

Back to you guys !!

What did he say ?? Basically I was just explainin that we’ll try to get things to work in both French and English around here. But meanwhile, we’ll continue to write mostly in English. People can use the language they want anyway, somebody will help to translate if it’s required.

So yeah, back to the web site roadmap, we now have a decent framework for a web site and blog. The real purpose is yet to be known but we can at least use it to learn some 2017 stuff….and write about it !! I think this is what a blog is all about, right ?

2- A project showcase page

Just a simple page/blog where we can display some projects we’re working on or a project that one of our partners wants to share with us. The first one will actually be about going back in time a little and it will basically be all about what you see right now. The process of starting a company, getting the name, the domain name, a server to manage it, pretty emails, a website such as this one, hosting it and securing it. We’re getting use to seeing this everywhere  and there are many solutions. But as an IT startup company you can’t really afford to throw money away and have people do this for you. If you don’t know how…well, you’ll have to learn !!

Just to give you an idea….

Back in 2000, I registered the Interprog name but didn’t want or care about a website. At some point, around a decade ago I was curious and looked into it. The domain name was registered and it was for sale. It’s a .com with a short and cool name, I think, so you can’t really expect to have it for free.

When I got back to business with Interprog last April I looked at it. Goddaddy  said it was for sale for 4000$. Way too much….but it’s so shiny, I wanted it !!

And after looking into it more carefully I realized that Goddaddy didn’t own it. They just want you to buy it from them, and once you do they simply attempt to acquire it cheaper from the actual owner !!

Now, the domain is mine, and maybe I will explain what the process was to get it later on…but the funny thing is, it’s still for sale on Godaddy !!

Before, when it was redirecting to a parked domain page, it was for sale for 4000$….although it may not yet be pretty, the domain is clearly being used now….however, the name is now for sale for less than before….only 1000$ !?

I don’t really care about the true value of the name….anyways, it most likely only has substantial value for one company, this one. With all the trouble related to acquiring it and setting all of this up…it won’t be sold for peanuts !

Holding the domain

Since I never really liked Godaddy, I looked into a different way of holding my domain name. Regarding hosting, I figured that I would do it myself. Since I now have a Business internet line, might as well use it a little bit. is keeping the domain name for the next 2 years and while being there they also provide the DNS service.

Looking at the numbers I think that the website has room to grow there. Mind you we also have the .org and .ca…those 2 were almost free anyways.

We’ll obviously have a section displaying what services we offer and our contact information. But what else would you like to see on here ??

3- Use the “branding” properly

Interprog has had the unique opportunity of having a logo as well as very professional branding done by one of our friends. It’s a gift straight from the gods, because if there’s one thing I’m sure I can’t do myself, that’s it !!

The logo is has already been in use everywhere for a while, on FB, LinkedIn, and our previous ugly web page. On here I managed to changed the darkest color that was used, and replace it with the one you see now. There’s more to do here.

We will also need to get some business cards printed, create a letterhead and invoice templates.

The Interprog t-shirt and baseball hat can probably wait until 2018 though.

4- The site performance

It’s probably very obvious to anyone in the web development world, but I’m now using WordPress with the default theme for 2017.

What I really like is the fact that it remains programmer friendly. But, I have no problem “hacking” my way in, to change things and have them the way I want. This is something that would be nearly impossible if I had to do some code in a website built using Dreamweaver, for example.

If I think about Facebook, LinkedIn, whatever social media…well, yes I can change the logo and the banner of the page but that’s pretty much it. There’s nothing like the web site to show the branding correctly. Although this isn’t my specialty, I will do my best.

Right now there’s one single thing that really bugs me. I can’t explain the 1.5 seconds of loading time….yet.

The waterfall graphic shows it all.

Yeah, the first line. About 1.5 seconds just to deliver the first byte of payload. This is 1.5 seconds of displaying nothing at all. I’ve tried a few things so far. but haven’t found any real clues. Considering that I installed this about 2 days ago, I’ll need a bit of time to debug these things properly.

One thing to note. The website is running WordPress on Windows Server 2016 with IIS 10, even though most people are running Apache on Linux. I encountered a few issues with some templates that could enable some caching features but besides that I have nothing bad to say about Windows. I can’t tell where is that lost 1.5 seconds is just yet. MySQL delay to answer ?

6- SSL, https:// or the “little padlock”

Yes, we barely notice this nowadays, but we want to run a secure version of the web page as soon as possible. I don’t really know how to do this but I’m guessing that I have to…guess what….buy a certificate !! This is definitely on the web site roadmap.

I’ll have to install it properly, and once it’s done I’ll have to update a ton of stuff to make sure everybody is using https, as much as possible. Should be fun.

Bottom line, it’s one of the boring task to do. It will cost efforts and time to slowdown the website. But it has to be done.

7- Be SEO friendly

Yeah, that’s some fancy acronym just to say that it would make sense to have Interprog be the 1st result in Google when we ask for…Interprog !

Right now it’s showcasing my business with a picture of my house, the first results are from LinkedIn, Facebook, Yellow Pages….then there’s 4 pages of garbage and hooray, here’s the web site !!

I’m not worried though, this is normal behavior, it’ll take some time then we’ll be there. The .com was owned by some Russian guys. There’s which seems active and is also Russian. We already have some Russian friends in the blog spam folder.

All in all, a business needs some time to be recognized. We got the check mark from Facebook a few days ago. Microsoft has us on file since 2000, and it’s #1 on Bing for a reason. Papers are in the mail for Google.

What else does a business need ? I created an Instagram account, but I don’t see the point. Twitter ? Mehhhh.

Let’s say that managing a website with a blog, both Facebook and LinkedIn business profiles as well as personal ones….that’s enough social media for now.

We also need to have some time to actually work…and I mean work for customers. Because Interprog working for Interprog isn’t a bad thing at all….but that won’t pay the Bell bill forever.

8- Web site roadmap conclusion….for now

Anything else to talk about ? Fell free to register and comment. You can use a fake name and invalid email if you want, or not. Maybe Facebook/LinkedIn/Microsoft/Google login will be allowed at some point….but meanwhile we won’t use anything for any wrong behavior. We do have installed Google Analytics for now. This provide stats and nerds love stats.

You can reach us directly at the info listed at the bottom of the screen as well.

Talk to you soon !!

Jacques Langlois
Owner, Interprog

Web site construction

Hey there,

As you can see ( or not ), we’re trying to put together a decent looking web site.

Just like a lot of stuff that we do it’s mostly to learn because let’s be honest…we’re not good web developper.

So here’s the plan. We WILL code directly on the live server when we feel like it and we have some spare time.

We think that coding right in front of your eyes is entertaining and you’ll be able to see the site take shape, give advices, share experiences, have a good laugh, find some bugs and more….

Enjoy !!

Jacques Langlois, owner, Interprog