New week ! The good, the bad and the ugly !

The good, the bad and the ugly !!

This was a long endurance race since April but now this is the beginning of a new week….realistically one out of four left in this fiscal year.

So, where are we at with all this ?

Well, actually, we’re doing quite good. We are still there and what really matter is still on track. Nothing is past due, bank acount roughly shows green amount. It’s fine.

Last week-end it was business as usual, meaning the owner, myself, was desperately trying to figure what to do next, try to find get papers and get all accounting in order but more importantly, acquire some much needed “big computer”….or a server. A tool which would be appropriate for me to work on. Because right now I’m looking at a 8 years old server and a 6 years old PC. We are stuck in there, the minute we try to change something then we lost and our Google friends don’t like that. We need computers to work on which aren’t like production hardware. That’s simple.

Ok big computer, probably easy for Interprog !?

Yeah, kinda “easy” but reality is a bit different. What we have in mind won’t be up and running in 2 minutes. And we want to buy everything we can now in 2017 for fiscal reasons. So after spinning around our 300$ HP server with 0 result I had to slow down and think.

There’s just no way to be efficient with the current setup. We needs a few months to acquire and setup a decent one. We don’t have much spare time. Well, we need something ugly,  a temporary solution !!

I think I’ve found some big brother to our current server for peanuts. For not so technical people reading this. Just figure this an insane amount of power for the price of a silly iPhone. That should do the job.

Ok, so what’s the rush actually ?

Well as you know already if you followed our adventures. We have to finish the conversion from Interprog to Interprog Inc. Do all the accounting from scratch because of a dumb mistake I’ve made. I would like to do this on a decent server but we will see if the new toaster can get here in time. The actual rush is really just about something we usually don’t prioritize, money !!

We operate on our own income at all time and for simple high rate income tax reason we have to invest all liquid money we can in 2017, for smart investment into the company.

Sounds fun ?? Not so much. Bank accounts are not empty but since the accounting is still pretty rough, we’re not so sure on how many is owed to the government in there. We must be careful.

So, since a couple of weeks both me, the owner, and James, the business system analyst that does everything that I don’t. We’re trying to grind personal money into here. I’ve emptied my poker accounts, I don’t play anyway. I’ve closed that silly ING debit card, that was a useless 1000$ that apparently costed 10$/year to keep there.

I have some unreachable but significant asset in Europe which nobody can tell me if it’s an income or not, I honestly believe it should be, but for some reason, it’s not. And I can’t seems to be able to move it easily. That’s annoying !!

All right, money is needed here and we need to invest it quick…..enough about this. I guess I’ll just need to find time to see my favorite banking dude for advice.

The real ugly is simple, it’s time !

All right, I have to be out of home about 11 hours a day for work. I have to squueze some weird appointment with the “Registraire des entreprises du Québec” somewhere. I need to go see the banking dude, setup computers, accounting software, do all the paperwork and get this very very well done. There’s no accountant, no IT guy, no finance advisor, no lawyer. We are everything.

Well, time to go to work. I’ll let my partner James make the text looks nice…and we’ll re-publish later and probably share it on FB just as usual.

Have a nice week guy !!

Jacques Langlois