Taking care of business !!

As promised, this company and this website is no joke. The provincial “individual enterprise” will become a country-wide corporation named :

Interprog inc.

That pretty much complete the process of actually launch some reals projects. Interprog can now grow as much as we want without being stopped by anything like the business structure.

To make accounting easier the actual Interprog entity should cease their operation at the end of 2017, Interprog inc. won’t do anything in 2017.

At the beginning of 2018 Interprog inc. will get ownership of everything which was built/acquired by Interprog.

Rough roadmap for Interprog Inc. has already begun. Quite a few things will need to be done in parallel. A website design will be drawn soon. A website will be programmed. Hardware infrastructure will be improved. A lot of paperwork and accounting needs to be done.

It will go as fast as possible but we’re limited by my own availability as a lot of stuff needs to be done by myself and I’m working out of the office for 10 hours / day for a 1 year contract. Cashflow will also slow down the project since we’re basically using what left from the income from the analyst-programmer contract to pay for everything needed for the project, designer labor, front-end programmer, hardware, licences, marketing, etc.

That being said…everything is pretty much planned already. Designer and front-end programmer are found. The first full time employee as well.

Stay tuned  !!

Jacques Langlois
Owner, Interprog, Canada
Soon to be, Director of the board and majority shareholder of Interprog inc.



Web site construction

Hey there,

As you can see ( or not ), we’re trying to put together a decent looking web site.

Just like a lot of stuff that we do it’s mostly to learn because let’s be honest…we’re not good web developper.

So here’s the plan. We WILL code directly on the live server when we feel like it and we have some spare time.

We think that coding right in front of your eyes is entertaining and you’ll be able to see the site take shape, give advices, share experiences, have a good laugh, find some bugs and more….

Enjoy !!

Jacques Langlois, owner, Interprog